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It takes the contributions of many to run the CZC, and we thank you for however you choose to become involved.


All the Furnace Mountain affiliated Zen Centers in Greater Cincinnati are volunteer-run and are solely supported by the generosity of visitors and members. Donations allow us to continue to provide this place of practice of inquiry and cultivation of compassion for anyone in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Although donations are not necessary for participation, they are much appreciated and necessary to the continuance of the CZC.

All donations to CZC are tax deductible within the IRS rules for 501 (c)(3) charitable contributions. The CZC gratefully accepts donations of money, effort, and stuff (remodeling supplies, food during events, etc.), and issues receipts for tax purposes upon request. If you would like your donation to count for this year’s taxes, please make your donation by Dec 15th. The operating budget of the CZC requires about $550 per month to keep the doors open (rent and utilities), which does not include funding for special projects and purchases.

Donations can be made via check, cash, or online payment.


If you are attending CZC practices regularly, we encourage you to fill out the pledge card next to the donations box and drop it in, download a Pledge form,or submit an online pledge form.

This provides us with an official membership list, as well as your financial commitment to help keep CZC open. As a religious non-profit organization registered with the State of Ohio and the IRS, the CZC is required to have a Board of Directors, formalize an annual budget, hold regular meetings, and keep a membership list. In 2008, we instituted this pledge card-based system to satisfy IRS guidelines for membership and to ensure we can afford the basic costs of running the CZC.

Suggested membership contribution rates are $30 monthly, $90 quarterly or $360 annually. Members are of course welcome to donate more, and sliding scale accommodation is available to students and those living simply. Sangha Members are defined by our By-Laws as “persons over 16 years of age supporting the CZC through participation and regular financial contribution at membership levels approved by the Board of Directors." Members have specific voting rights in decisions for the organization (at bi-annual sangha meetings) and preferred status for event registrations. Any Sangha Member may bring issues before the Board of Directors for consideration simply by discussing the matter with a Board Member or requesting consideration of any issue in writing.

For further details, please talk with Abbot Mark Cronenweth, Vice Abbot Suz Croutwater, Treasurer Joan Gilmore or Resident Teacher Myogetsu Osho.


3647 west eighth street, cincinnati OH 45205      513-684-4216